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Caring For Our Furry Friends
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Soften. Moisturize. Condition.
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Reduce Itching & Stretchmarks
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What Others Are Saying

"I've been using Ink Oil for the last 4 years for every tattoo that I've gotten!Not only does it small amazing but it helps keep my tattoos looking & feeling great; even during the "itch" phase."
Koltin Stubbs
"I ordered Ink Soap before the world knew much about covid-19. Because of it’s antibacterial ingredients, I’ve used it to wash my hands. The bonus to all that washing is that it doesn’t dry out my skin because it contains essential oils. It’s a win win situation. My skin is clean and soft. Love it!"
"I’m beyond obsessed with this cleanser. I use it during microblading and PMU procedures as well as in my after care take home kits. SO SOOTHING, smells amazing, antibacterial... overall I love it and am super stoked it’s on amazon!"
Brow Envy Microblading
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A Little More About Us

Ink Oil, LLC, created by a very cool tattooed mom and her three diverse daughters. As we were getting tattoos, we all recognized that getting a tattoo, or even removing a tattoo, can be seriously uncomfortable. We were using essential oils in other aspects of our lives, and recognized the therapeutic effects of pure essential oils in a unique blend could provide a product that can reduce discomfort, speed healing, and keep skin healthy and vibrant while getting tattooed. Once we got Ink Oil up and running successfully, we decided to expand our line of essential oil blends to take care of not only new tattoos, but beards, ears and tattoo maintenance.

With each blend we make sure to test every oil until we have the perfect combination. Not only do we have amazing skin from testing out these oils, but we also have an amazing time doing it together. We will keep showing off our tattoos, ears, and the men in our lives beards, and we hope to see yours too! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will send you exclusive offers!

Most Popular Products

Essential Oil Blends For The Hip And Healthy Pup

We have the essential oil blends for your hip and healthy pups. We can also blend something pawsativly personal for your pup with special needs. Check out our instagram account for more info and guidance on using essentials oils with your pup @pup_oils

We Love Our Pups and What We Do

All blends are safe to use on pups 3 months or older with no underlying health conditions. These are highly diluted blends, and more essential oils can be added if not achieving desired results. Blends can be used directly on your pup, in a diffuser, on a Pup Pak bandana or favorite blanket or toy.
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Carefully Selected Ingredients

All Natural Essential Oil Blends
Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil soothes and heals injured skin
Lemongrass Oil
Lemongrass Oil is an anti-inflammatory
Peppermint Oil
Peppermint Oil helps heal skin faster
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