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As Lexi likes to say, families and tattoos are forever.  That may be true, but it doesn’t guarantee that tattoos or families will always be in good condition.  Families sometimes have problems, and tattoos will almost inevitably fade. There’s not much we can do to help you with your family, but knowing how to take care of your tattoo, can definitely slow the fading, aging process.

Why Do Tattoos Fade?

Aging is a natural process for everyone and everything, including tattoos.  Aging is especially noticeable on people. As we age our skin becomes thinner, looser, less elastic.  Since tattoos are located in the skin, they naturally age with that skin. When skin is dry, undernourished or damaged, the look of your tattoo will be affected.  Ink quality is also a factor in tattoo aging. Ink made with low quality components or ink that is too diluted by an inexperienced artist, will tend to fade more quickly than high quality, concentrated ink. The last, most easily controlled aging factor, is UV damage.  Exposure to the sun, causes premature aging and fading of tattoos. UV light breaks down the ink used in the tattooing process. That ink is then absorbed by the body and your tattoo looses the crisp, vibrant look it had in the beginning.

How to Slow the Fading Process

Recommendations:  Choose an experienced artist that uses high quality ink products.  If you know you spend a lot of time in the sun, choose darker ink colors, avoiding whites and yellows, and always use a high quality, natural sunblock.  Avoid sunblocks that have been associated with carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals; choose instead mineral or, better yet, plant-based UV protection.  And lastly, protect your skin with natural, plant-based moisturizers that add years of healthy, smooth skin as a canvas for your tattoo.

Our favorite is obviously INKED Oil, a proprietary blend of organic and CPTG essential oils that moisturize skin with added UV protection against aging and fading.  You can purchase INKED Oil for long term tattoo care on our website.

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