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A new tattoo, whether large or small, is an investment in time, pain and money. Taking good care of your new tattoo with a routine and quality products will ensure that it continues to look great years after you got it and will increase your satisfaction with the passage of time.

To protect your new tattoo start a routine as soon as Saniderm (or whichever sterile covering was used by your artist) comes off. Now is the time to start your tattoo aftercare. Begin by gently washing your new tattoo with INK SOAP or another all-natural mild anti-bacterial soap. Do not scrub but wash gently with a soft cloth or your hand. Allow INK SOAP time to work, 2-3 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry. Next apply a thin layer of all-natural, petroleum-free INK OIL. If you are using another aftercare moisturizer, avoid those with petroleum products, fragrances or glitter. Wait just a few minutes for the INK OIL or other aftercare product to be absorbed by the skin and dress as usual.

Repeat the process at least twice daily for the first two weeks. If you are working outside, in a dirty or hot environment, wash and treat the new tattoo as soon as work is finished. Use INK OIL for three to four weeks to ensure an even, comfortable healing. Once your new tattoo is healed and you have used your INK OIL, switch to INKED OIL, a long-term tattoo maintenance product with moisturizers and UV protection against fading.

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