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The first and most important thing you can do to preserve your tattoo is to protect it from sun damage. Of course, you can just cover it up, but part of the joy of a great tattoo is flaunting it. Go ahead and wear tanks or shorts, just make sure you protect your ink with a high quality sunblock with at least a UV protection of 30.

Skin hydration with a high quality moisturizer, is also critical to keeping your tattoo vibrant and healthy looking. Dry skin is opaque. It hides your ink and distorts the vibrant, clear colors of your tattoos. Keep skin healthy and transparent with a non-petroleum based moisturizer with a natural or organic formulary.

INKED, by INK OIL, accomplishes both of these anti-aging recommendations. INKED is made with all-natural grapeseed and coconut oils, used for centuries because of their ability to penetrate and hydrate skin, as well as provide a small degree of UV protection. INKED proprietary blend contains raspberry seed extract with a 28 to 50 SPF protection factor according to a study in 2000, published by Elserier Publishing*. The peer-reviewed research showed raspberry seed oil with an absorbance in the UV-B and UV-C ranges for a broad spectrum UV protectant. This doesn’t mean one and done. As with any sun protection, INKED should be re-applied every two hours when skin is exposed to the sun. If skin turns red, put on a sleeved shirt or long pants immediately. Sunburn, with its accompanying peeling can cause irreparable damage to your skin and your tattoo.

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