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How to Ensure the Safety of Artist and Client

Because getting a tattoo opens the skin, all permanent tattooing procedures can have the potential of exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses.  Cross contamination from one client to another or from instruments or surfaces with contaminates can all pose danger. That being said, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) clearly defines steps to ensure safety of both artist and client.   When choosing a shop or artist, it is important to protect yourself, by observing these precautions in action. The procedures to protect both artists and clients include precautions before, during, and after the tattooing process.

BEFORE the artist invites the client into the tattooing space, set-up should take place:

DURING the tattooing process, the artist should:

AFTER you leave shop, it’s up to YOU!

Granted, this may seem like a lot to do to protect against cross-contamination, but consider the alternatives of hepatitis, HIV, MRSA or just a troublesome infection.   Following recommended precautions and using INK OIL products that protect your new tattoo will result in a lifetime of enjoying your body art.  Better safe and clean than sorry.


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