Your Cosmetic Must Haves - Permanent Makeup
As an experienced 4 year permanent makeup artist, Megan, was frustrated that there wasn't a good product out there that helped alleviate her clients skin from being irritated and red during the permanent makeup tattooing process.

Spending hours editing out the red in their skin to post pictures to promote her work as well as the consistent discomfort her clients experienced with pain during the process was getting out of hand. So, Megan searched for a better all natural solutions that wasn't alcohol based. As a permanent makeup artists Megan wanted something better for her clients that would alleviate the pain, irritation, discomfort, and redness altogether. There had to be something out there, right? Sadly, Megan researched and there weren't really any all natural tattoo soaps and tattoo aftercare products out there.

That's where Cosmetic Ink Soap, Ink Permanent, and After Soap were born
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