Sick Pup


Essential oil blend for the upset tummy pup. Massage oil onto the belly to avoid runny poop, stinky toots, and other gross stuff. Sick Pup helps with changing foods, car sickness, and the occasion dumpster dive dinner mishap. All Pup Oil proprietary blends are safe for dogs, they are prediluted with dog safe therapeutic grade essential oils to take the worry out of using essential oils with your pup
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🐶CAREFULLY CHOSEN BLEND: This essential oil blend is designed specifically for pups with an upset tummy. Massage onto belly to avoid runny poops, stinky toots, and improved moods. Sick Pup can be applied multiple times a day. Because each dog is different, be sure to always consult with your veterinarian for your dog's specific needs. If symptoms don't improve within 24-48 hours consult the pup's veterinarian.
🐱VARIETY OF USES: Not only can aromatherapy aid your pets anxious nerves bowel problems or itchy skin it also makes your home smell great! Another added benefit is when used topically it can be used as an organic deodorizer or doggy perfume or cologne to keep your dog smelling great!
♨️AROMATHERAPY: (Calm Pup) Aromatherapy has been shown to be a great emergency remedy for dogs in several fearful situations and phobias such as: thunder, loud noises, storms, fireworks, traveling, barking, groomers, rescue dogs, going to the vet, dog boarding, and many other situations without using a sedative. If you have tried using dog treats for anxiety in the past and found they didn’t work as expected, or had unwelcome side effects, it’s time to give Calm Pup a try.
😃EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO ANXIETY DOG TREATS: Our blend of oils from herbs and flowers is appealing to both animals and humans and provides remedies for a wide array of ailments and a great gentle natural alternative to medication drops and pills. Essential oils calms humans and animals alike and is especially a great meds alternative for rescues. Please remember that every dog is different, and some pets may have allergies or an adverse reaction to our blends. It is always a good idea to cons
💲OUR PLEDGE TO YOU: We want to treat you with the same love and care we do our favorite furry friends. If you aren’t happy with the product for any reason, please let us know! We want to make it right. Just reach out if you are unsatisfied and we will get you a replacement or a refund.💲

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