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The soothing effects of our essential oil blends have been shown to reduce recovery time by up top 50%
Essential Oil Blends for tattoing, tattoo aftercare, bears, ears, permanent cosmetics & baby bumps.
Ink Oil is a proprietary blend of organic and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils that aid in healing tattoos. Absorbed quickly by the skin, Ink Oil soothes and hydrates your new tattoo without leaving a greasy residue. Each of its carefully selected ingredients have been studied for their medicinal and healing properties. When used with new tattoos, Ink Oil has been shown to reduce swelling and pain, as well as diminish incidence of infection and scabbing. Ink Oil has been shown to shorten healing time by up to 50%
Inked Oil is a similar product to Ink Oil, but used for tattoo maintenance and long-term care. When used on existing tattoos, Inked Oil moisturizes the skin and protects against aging and fading with added UV protection from raspberry seed extract,. When used regularly, Inked Oil keeps tattoos vibrant and colorful for a longer lasting tattoo. Inked Oil helps with protection against petroleum products and sun damage.
Ear Oil is used for stretching and maintaining healthy lobes, especially made for ears that are pierced or ears that have gauge piercings. This essential oil blend will help give ears softer, thicker lobes, while reducing scar tissue during the stretching process. Ear Oil increases lobe elasticity and helps skin recover quickly. Regularly massaging Ear Oil into lobes will aid in preventing blowouts as you stretch. Ear Oil is also great for keeping organic jewelry such as wood, horn and bone clean and healthy.
Bump Oil is a blend of organic and essential oils that helps mamas' bellies stretch in a healthy, comfortable way, The all natural ingredients in this essential oil blend reduce the incidence of itching, stretch marks and scaring that can accompany pregnancy. Bump Oil essential oils boosts immunity and reduce inflammation. Bump Oil can be used to prepare your baby bump by giving skin elasticity and moisture, as well as helping with resiliency of skin following delivery.
Beard Oil is a premium blend of organic oils that soften, moisturize and condition facial hair and skin. Daily use of Beard Oil softens bears, enhances natural hair color and soothes dry, itchy skin. Beard Oil ensures beards of any length will look healthy, feel soft and smell great!
Ink Soap is an all natural, concentrated Castile soap which is used during the tattooing process to calm irritated skin, reduce redness and pain, and fight infection. Ink Soap contains natural analgesics and pathogen fighting essential oils in addition to high-quality Castile soap. Ink Soap should be used during and after the tattooing process.

About Ink Oil

Ink Oil, LLC, created by a very cool tattooed mom and her three diverse daughters. As we were getting tattoos, we all recognized that getting a tattoo, or even removing a tattoo, can be seriously uncomfortable. We were using essential oils in other aspects of our lives, and recognized the therapeutic effects of pure essential oils in a unique blend could provide a product that can reduce discomfort, speed healing, and keep skin healthy and vibrant while getting tattooed. Once we got Ink Oil up and running successfully, we decided to expand our line of essential oil blends to take care of not only new tattoos, but beards, ears and tattoo maintenance.

With each blend we make sure to test every oil until we have the perfect combination. Not only do we have amazing skin from testing out these oils, but we also have an amazing time doing it together. We will keep showing off our tattoos, ears, and the men in our lives beards, and we hope to see yours too! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will send you exclusive offers!
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